What role do lawyers play in divorce mediation?

Of course everyone in the Morris County area has heard of divorce, but not everyone has heard of divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a growing trend in marital separations. In fact, most divorces are finally settled when the two parties can come together and negotiate an acceptable settlement. Unfortunately, for most couples, it usually takes months or even years to finally reach that point.

Although many judges urge couples to use divorce mediation to settle their differences, rather than bringing their battle to the court, sometimes, couples can’t get it done without legal intervention. However, by using mediation, a couple can get through the divorce process much quicker and then start focusing on moving forward instead of harboring the bad feelings of the past.

Divorce mediation not only can save a couple lots of time, but it can also save a separating couple money, simply by not dragging the process out. So what role do lawyers play in mediation? A divorce mediator acts as a neutral third-party arbiter whose role is to help the couple come to an agreement.

According to divorcecentral.com, some mediators are attorneys, but not all, and most mediators will recommend that the two parties present their agreed-upon divorce settlement to their individual attorneys to ensure they are being treated fairly and that they are acting within accordance to the law. Likewise, because some mediators are not lawyers, the legal documentation of the settlement must be drawn up by a separate attorney.

The bottom line when it comes to divorce mediation is that it can be a very effective way of resolving a divorce in less time and with less hassle and fighting. While this information might be helpful, it is not intended to be used as legal advice.