The benefits of cooperative co-parenting

New Jersey parents who get divorced may have ended marriages that were no longer successful but they must still interact with their former spouses to raise their joint children. This is not an easy task. Even with clear child custody arrangements, the opportunities for conflict and challenges can at times feel endless. Learning how to navigate the world of post-divorce parenting is important for parents and children alike.

According to Psychology Today, it is beneficial for children to see their parents cooperating together on their behalf. This can be in the simple form of greeting each other politely when taking children from one home to the other. Being respectful of the calendars and schedules for parenting visits is another way to maintain a more positive atmosphere.

An article in the Huffington Post discusses an app that can help divorced parents reduce potential conflict. This app and others like it allow parents to send messages back and forth alerting each other about important events for their children such as doctor or dentist appointments, extracurricular activities, school conferences and more. Finances can also be tracked, making it easy for both parents to confirm the status of any payments. By utilizing tools such as this app, emotions can be kept in check more easily and a better relationship with children can result when there is less tension in the air overall.

Even when their parents are divorced, it is in the best interests of a child to witness ongoing participation by both moms and dads. Developing the skills to make this happen is important.