Understanding mediation in divorce

When the end of a marriage is in sight, there are a wide range of issues and concerns that come rushing to the minds of both spouses. From child custody to property distribution decisions and more, the divorce process can be highly complex. Concerns about the cost and length of time associated with a divorce can also be top of mind. Couples in New Jersey have the ability to utilize mediation as one way of addressing some of these potential issues.

Mediation is by nature a non-adversarial form of resolving conflicts. The focus in a mediated divorce is not so much on winning but on cooperatively making decisions about how to jointly raise children, split assets and more. Each partner can still take advantage of the input of legal and other professionals but avoid the cost and angst that can sometimes accompany a litigated divorce. Any decision that can be made via a court decree can be handled via mediation.

One of the advantages of mediation is the ability to finalize a divorce in less time and with less conflict. This can be especially helpful when children are involved as it can help to get parents more focused on working together for the good of their joint children after the divorce is finalized. All decisions concerning children can be made through mediation. This involved child custody, visitation plans and child support.

The attorneys at Levine and Levine have helped many spouses in New Jersey successfully navigate their divorces using the mediation process.