Divorce trends related to age

New Jersey couples who are engaged or married do not necessarily want to think about the prospect of getting divorced. A divorce causes a lot of emotional upset and can be very financially difficult as well. However, divorces can and do happen. While there may be no way to predict which couples will get divorced, some experts do look at and recognize trends in divorce.

Researchers at Brigham Young University have noted some interesting trends related to the ages of spouses when it comes to getting divorced. In particular, it has been seen that spouses between the ages of 25 and 50 have contemplated divorce at some point in their marriages. In looking at couples who are 50 years of age or older, a group from Bowling Green State University identifies that more of these people are getting divorced than their younger counterparts.

In fact, the number of divorces among people in their 50s and beyond in 2014 was roughly double what it was in 1990. This is all happening at a time when divorces among younger people are leveling off or even reducing. A general higher standard for marriage can be one contributing factor. People today expect more out of marriage than they did generations ago. Additionally, people at later phases of life may be more financially able to go it alone than their younger counterparts, thereby making divorce more possible after 50 than before.

Regardless of age, divorcing spouses may do well to consult with an experienced attorney. Obtaining this help can benefit people in many ways during and after a divorce.

Source: Deseret News, “Divorce is dropping in most age groups, but not this one,” Lois M. Collins, November 5, 2015