Planning post-divorce holidays for kids

At this time of year, most New Jersey residents are busy making plans for holiday get-togethers and celebrations. For parents approaching their first post-divorce holiday season, these plans can feel very different from years past. Finding ways to navigate the new reality and still bring joy to family events, especially for the benefit of the children, is important. indicates that parents who cooperate well may consider being together on the holidays with their children. At such joint events, limiting or reducing alcohol consumption can be a helpful way of minimizing the opportunity for conflict between parents. When the chance for conflict is high, however, separate holiday celebrations are recommended.

Making plans well enough in advance to let children know where they will be and when they will see each parent is important. For kids old enough to have opinions about their holidays, it can be a good idea and even helpful to include them in the planning.

The Huffington Post points out the importance also of not trying to create exact replicas of holidays past. Using this year to make new traditions can yield far better results and avoid the potential for highlighting the absence of another person. Finally, parents should make a conscious effort to seek out happiness and joy. Children will follow the lead of parents and when moms and dads in New Jersey make it a point to find things to enjoy and celebrate at the holidays, the entire time can be better for the kids as well.